Friday, 30 April 2010

i was juz browse through my old entries i was suprise to see april's got a lot and almost 90% of it is becoz of dat guy i even put his sole image in my blog! (sorry bloggies). duh pijun... come back to reality okay maybelah kot bulan 4 special tirbute tok dy kot... oh for goodness sake... mcmlah aku heran ... but then (honestly... heran is there).. yeah he is a shit and you know it pijun. live ur life la... get it over with..

.okay settle.

footnote: okay ko duk dkt zone ko duk sane dediam jgn dtg dekat aku ckp jgn dtg dekat.. okay duk sane.. makan-minum-tido-berak-kencing sumer kat sane. sekian wassalam

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