Sunday, 23 September 2012

handle or linger. you make the call


truthfully what make a human ticks.. feeling? what kind of feeling? for me is about memory.. memory which brings back all the feeling that we might have forgotten. a dearest friend of mine have some issue. well who doesnt? you have it. i have it. she or he have it. but how can we actually use our feeling to manage the solutions? be it simple solution of putting it off. brush it away till it is hidden somewhere or face it head on. to me all of it depend on ur courage. personally i rather putting it off than face it head on.. cause sooner or later the solutions will come so why do i need to crack my head to find the solutions now when it will come to me later. right? right? haha but seriuosly i would rather do that

but recently i figured, that you cannot keep telling yourself 'i'm strong' i can do this when in reality you still lingered on that same problem. you did not brush it away. you did not putting it off and do other stuff but you lingered.. hey brothers and sisters lingering into one problems does not give you any solutions to any issue on top of that you tell yourself that you are strong and whatnot. that is self deception dear not self motivation. yeah i know some things do take time. but if you focus on that thing and still after some time you are still in square 1 ohmaigadd get started already. stop all those self motivation crap and get your brain to work. productively. or else you gonna be just another slump who think everything in the world is holding it against you.

footnote: well self deception is a solution too but is it a good solution. a chicken soup for the perspective section specially for you and me

Sunday, 2 September 2012

easy life. how?


people ask me. how can we know what is right and what is wrong. wel i just anwer them with simple words that goes like this.
you will feel you are in the right place when you feel at ease.
but how can we achieve that?
to be honest again i dont really know. well who knows? all i can say human will nver find the end to this conquest of finding ease in life but the closet solution i can think of is lean on the Almighty as i cant see anything else even remotely close to that.
so peace out and stay out of trouble.
if that things does not concern you. dont busy yourself with it. just let it be. telerbih concern karang termakan diri. macam xde bnde lain nak makan.

p/s: awk yg sentiase harap sy update. terime kaseh sbb menunggu. i'm touched to the max :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

key of happiness


waht does it takes to be happy. any idea anyone... huh it is rhetoric question that nobody has the right answer for it. well for me. how to be happy is just to stay grateful. a dear friend pf mine once asked me "what do i need to be happy" my sole answer is be grateful...

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

dapatkah apa yang diminta?


sejujurnya aku bersyukur dilahirkan dalam. keluarga yang bukan mewah serbe serbi tapi mampu beri keperkuan juge kehendak aku. walaupun bukn senang nk dapat tp mak ayah aku ajar aku kalau nak sesuatu kene ade usehe.. bru kite taw hargai brg tu. mcm tu jugak klu kite nak pahale kan.. bukan senang kan.. ok tu jek aku nak cakap. hahaha..
dgn ini nak diucapkan terime kaseh sayang mucuk mucuk dekat mama terchenta sbb bg hadiah ni.. tqtqtqtq mama i luv lebey kilometer.. sekian hehehe

footnote: pasni kalau lapa jilat ajela menatang ni. muahahha

Friday, 29 June 2012

fragile: a story of soul


one fine day, there was a boy. that boy was holding a glass ball. on his way back home, he encountered a few bad guys who try to steal the glass ball. he protected it with all his might however he dropped it. then the bad guys just left him there alone picking up the rest of his shattered glass ball. he carried the remaining glass ball home. while he was walking home, he kept looking at his now shattered glass ball. he kept wondering, why should he keep this glass ball? it was already ruined. should i keep it or should i just throw it away. without realizing he already outside his house. the moment he wanted to enter his house he peek at his hand and realizes only one pieces of shattered glass ball left. he wondered where are the rest and he started to regret why he is being careless and did he had such a doubt about throwing it away cause in fact that glass ball meant a lot to him.

dear peeps, the glass ball represent our morale and soul. The Almighty will always give us obstacle just to test how much we value our morale and soul. once we succumb to the challenges and drop our morale it will be like the shattered glass ball where we will lose our souls bit by bit and if we are not cautious we might lost it forever. regret comes after mistake. but will it be enough to relive the moment and heading towards a different path?

footnote: juri dunia hanye di dunia. ade lagi juri yang lg penting untuk dipuaskan hatinye...

Thursday, 28 June 2012

a friend's reply; a friend's love.


sejak due tige menjak ni. aku lain. orang mungkin x perasan. tak ape aku perasan sendiri. aku lain. mungkin selepas bertemu pelbagai dugaan dan cabaran. luaran aku same dalaman aku mule berbeze. seorang sahabat aku ditimpa kesusahan dan aku pulak datang dekat dy mengadu masalah aku yang sekerdil semut ditengah padang  pasir kalau nak dibanding dengan masalah dy. tapi terime kaseh sebab sudi mendengar.

make dengan itu ini untuk dy dan aku harap dy paham

you self-proclaim strong is your middle name. yes indeed. so later in the future no matter what obstacle you might have to go through, it will be a fun joyride for you. because you know what.. you've been there. and you've probably experienced worse. so buckle up dear friend. the Al-mighty show you His love and care by testing you yet helping you at the same time. He tests you to make sure you realize you can overcome this without depending on anybody but He helps you to remind you that you are nobody without Him. any challenges that you will meet later on, face it proudly yet humble at the same time. fight it strongly yet weak when you need His help. if you continue on doing this my dear believe it what make you; you.

footnote: this advice is not just for her, but for me and for anybody who stumbles upon this blog. *peace*