Sunday, 23 September 2012

handle or linger. you make the call


truthfully what make a human ticks.. feeling? what kind of feeling? for me is about memory.. memory which brings back all the feeling that we might have forgotten. a dearest friend of mine have some issue. well who doesnt? you have it. i have it. she or he have it. but how can we actually use our feeling to manage the solutions? be it simple solution of putting it off. brush it away till it is hidden somewhere or face it head on. to me all of it depend on ur courage. personally i rather putting it off than face it head on.. cause sooner or later the solutions will come so why do i need to crack my head to find the solutions now when it will come to me later. right? right? haha but seriuosly i would rather do that

but recently i figured, that you cannot keep telling yourself 'i'm strong' i can do this when in reality you still lingered on that same problem. you did not brush it away. you did not putting it off and do other stuff but you lingered.. hey brothers and sisters lingering into one problems does not give you any solutions to any issue on top of that you tell yourself that you are strong and whatnot. that is self deception dear not self motivation. yeah i know some things do take time. but if you focus on that thing and still after some time you are still in square 1 ohmaigadd get started already. stop all those self motivation crap and get your brain to work. productively. or else you gonna be just another slump who think everything in the world is holding it against you.

footnote: well self deception is a solution too but is it a good solution. a chicken soup for the perspective section specially for you and me

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