Sunday, 2 September 2012

easy life. how?


people ask me. how can we know what is right and what is wrong. wel i just anwer them with simple words that goes like this.
you will feel you are in the right place when you feel at ease.
but how can we achieve that?
to be honest again i dont really know. well who knows? all i can say human will nver find the end to this conquest of finding ease in life but the closet solution i can think of is lean on the Almighty as i cant see anything else even remotely close to that.
so peace out and stay out of trouble.
if that things does not concern you. dont busy yourself with it. just let it be. telerbih concern karang termakan diri. macam xde bnde lain nak makan.

p/s: awk yg sentiase harap sy update. terime kaseh sbb menunggu. i'm touched to the max :)

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