Tuesday, 25 May 2010


okay juz finish macbeth dramatization.. i should be happy and relief.. but i'm not happy. not happy at all in fact a little bit guilty.. maybe because i've done few mistakes juz now.. or maybe my frens praise my other fren more than me.. hey i've done as much work also.. maybe when my fren's boyfren was there juz now giving her flower but not mine.. he even forget.. but still never mind... the most painfull of all, my bestest girlfren here.. when i'm all excited to tell everything.. she as usual tell about her and suddenly the spotlight turns to her.. all about her problems.. her crisis.. and she managed to make me feel guilty... thankz babe.. thank you so much.. so where is me? maybe i'm jus a nobody who juz only the minor part of everything...

okay special thankz for destroying my day:

my dearest director: for ruining my my day early in the morning
my fellow frens: for evrything
my dear mister: for the mistake you know what
my dear besties: fore all that ranting of yours and there's no room for mine.

last but not least

myself: for being such a fool to actually bear with all this..

footnote: monotonous tone.

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