Friday, 4 June 2010

aabessss daaaa

okat sem 2 = finished. feel like second though. yes this semester a lot of drama. i mean A LOT! yg dy gaduh dgn dy, yg dy gaduh dgn bf dy, yg dy x puas ati dgn rumate dy, yg dy kapel dgn dy org x restu (wtf) yg dy syok kt org ni tp x dpt kapel. yg dy putar belit citer and everything. yes people, i know evverryything.. other people had their share of issue aku pon it's like drama queen giler sem nih.. gebeng x tentu psl. sesket nages. seriusly? but i had a fair share. yep this semester is full of drama. i dunno wat happens next sem but hope less drama for me but more drama for other people. well fer my amusement at least. arifah wat do u think. u had ur own drama okay.. :P

btw, not just drama, since i got a new baby named yari ni kan. aku jd tukg amek gmbr x bertauliha mereke dgn kuarge mereke sekian trime kaseh. and as fer u mister, thanks fer being my drama king ahahahah :)) <3

yup merekela.. gmbr mereke mmg penuh dlm disk d aku.. great job guys.. len kali byr aku naa.. dis hands need some serious bless from the god.

footnote: more picture? sumpah x larat aku nk upload..