Thursday, 8 July 2010

ayuni + epah = ayupah :)

honestly i don't have the exact words to be put into sentences right now. all that i know that i have to write something or else my brain is goin to explode. regarding my chenta-hati entri bout marriage. it does occur me how am i goin to be a good wife as i doubt i will change in short period of time but who knows one day i might change into the chante-ayu-sopan-lemah-lembik faizun sulman aka winda.. (yup epah i can sense you reaction) only god knows when. so i'm warning whoever my future hubby will be.. hurmm please be patient with me. cause it is a sole fact that i'm the sengal-blur-bad cooker-bad tempered-selebet faizun sulman aka pijun. i'm no cute winda. winda is my alter ego i'm just selebet pijun :) and i'm happy being selebet pijun. i'm confident with my own self right now.

footnote: btw dear roomie.. yup i'm totally agree with you babe.. dats wat we are but when it comes to ours.. nobody lend their ears.. even one ear.. they are to busy wit their own self and there's no room for people like us.. hey you always have me right.. (okay klu ko terharu.. bile blik nnti tros la pelok aku ye)


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yuni!!! yuni!!! yuni!!!