Saturday, 10 July 2010

freakin backstabber

yeah i'm a big fan of something sweet. sweet love story. sweet sweets. sweet boyfriend and whatever sweet. but when it comes to bitter. i just don't know how to handle it. all i want to say is. i have a friend that i demand her apology. her backstabbing act cause me to lose my sweet feeling inside me and change it to bitter. i put up with you all this while not because i'm a hypocrite but it is because i'm a friend. but yeah. you. have succeed in being a backstabber and break my heart. congratulations on that. but please if you have other friends and you do it the same way as you do it to me. beware, i'm afraid you will die alone with your loser boyfriend if and even if you two get married. if you think you are innocence, think again why are you being so secretive about it. it is not the main issue that matters right now. it is your attitude towards your friends that really bothers me. i know you will never reads this blog. but if someones read it and one day it comes to your ear, remember it your faults not mine. hey i'm not the one who backstabbing anybody, i'm not the one who make my friends disappointed. for you to realizes it might takes ages. i don't want to tell you or even get mad at you. cause the feeling inside me now is not mad, is not angry but it is disappoinment and slowly i'm afraid it will change to hatred. you know deep down inside i really hope somehow you manage to read this and i just want to say ' GO TO HELL BITCH' and if i said that, you will no longer be my friend. that is what i'm afraid.

footnote: don't you ever come to me in any situation pon. i live better without your problems become my worries anymore. btw yup it is a long entry i guess :)