Tuesday, 24 August 2010

name saye faizun nisaq

i began to not knowing who am i, what am i supposed to do and what am i supposed to be.. yeah i know the answer is i'm faizun nisaq, i supposed to finish my assgmen and i'm supposed to be a good student as for right now, but yeah it is totally what i meant. duh of course not.. been dealing with conflicts too much these days. yup with every soul which within my range of life. yeah who am i. faizun nisaq the troubleshooter. what am i supposed to do. listen blindly to problems and conflicts plus giving a bucket full of solutions to the person who just doesn;t care. what am i supposed to be. simply says "a good friend" which i have to concerned everything and everything as if my revolved around you all the time lah kn.. mmg tuhan cipta manusia name faizun nnisaq untuk jd problem solver ko. is not that i am mengeluh ke ape. but hey i'm a human too with conflict and those thing about me too kan. so before you even consider me to consider you please look at me. i'm just your friend. not your benefactor or goddes or something. i'm just a human birng too you know. you know kan..

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