Wednesday, 1 September 2010

maybe it is explosive. maybe it is contagious. maybe it just withing my range of luck. yup last time its my roommate and now it is my turn to be treated the exact way. maybe not all lah kn.. but still there are some and that ' some ' is frustrating me. yup. wonder she'll read this but yeah if she read this please be aware that it is you. if you are not aware of it. it's not mean you are bad or anything but it's just mean you are obnoxious. so. please do realizes. i have my world too. i'm not somebody who just live in your world to be your part-time friend where you locate me in you sad hill. you know what you'll come to me anyway. at least when you are sad. but remember, when that time comes, my body is there but my soul is free. free from your misery. let me find my own misery and deal with it without anybody's help and of course in my life you are just a squatter.

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