Monday, 18 October 2010

i'm a bit emotional today. dunno why though. maybe because the hindustan movie i'm watching which is secretly my fav. well i tell everybody that my fav hindi movie is mohabattein but t is actually the corny, cliche hum sath sath hain.. ahahaha my wicked sisters will surely laugh at me and calling me poyo. who cares. i like it. or maybe seeing my roomate is like transform from plain jane to megan fox and looking damm hot. yup i said it. she's hot :) or seeing many people that usually dress happily subtle look completely different when they transform. this make me realizes how people are not that many different yet still their differences is visible which make human unique. well gonna continue the movie then. toodles.

footnote: i saw somebody wear the bag i want so badly which makes me sooooo.!@#*%^

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