Wednesday, 13 October 2010

sorry. i'm not perfect. are you?

ermm tak sedap ati. ati x sedap.. ati ayam liat ati lembu byk kolestrol. yup, i feel crap like suddenly lah kan. juz having meeting with so called- juniors and tell them bout something called setbacks in life. err.. i guess. but after that i realizes how crap i feel. i feel that. hey who are you faizun nisaq? where are you faizun nisaq? this make me realizes, how crap my life was. don't get me wrong. coming here. no regret ever exist. yeah i know.. poyo but yeah it's true. problem are everywhere. they makes you life full of colours but still what i do regret is how people around here thinks. act. and react. my last entry might be a little harsh but that is the time anger rule the mind and soul. but when you have calm down you will start to pity those people who still have a small closet of their mind which they keep their sense of rational. instead they open their entire wardrobe of prejudice and shallowness which believe it or not make them feel empower and strong. i seriously don't have a clue why these people manage to get into those kine of perception. coming here. the person fomerly known faizun nisaq started to fade. i just pray to the Al-mighty, if it is for the better then please make me stronger. if it is for the worst then please show me when and how to turn the table around. roght now, my sense, my rational, my perception is having a war between them which makes me nobody. not even in the name itself. it is pathetic. and i feel sorry for the faizun nisaq who are doing nothing to stop herself from fading..

footnote: feeling sorry for yourself thinking it is the best turns out to be it is the worst.

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