Monday, 22 November 2010

i'm the world greatest bibik.

what am i doing? its 2.45 in the morning and i haven't slept not even a wink for today. yeah. here i am. fullfiling my quest of becoming world greatest bibik. is this the sydrome where people called 'you are too tired to sleep' in that case. NOOOO!!! no in freaking way i got that syndrome couse i know as my holiday go futher. my life will become even worse. seriously dear mikael. you are like one super duper active energizer bunny. and i? i'm jus the regular batteries that is sold in one whole bunch in mydin. anyway. regarding the competition i enter before i went back for holiday. to my competitors. do not worry cause my weight is pretty determine not to go any lower. there are like stuck there and i say theres nothing we can do about it ahahaha. well i'm still not too late to try every means aren't i. so chill pijun. chill. you have little time left to make some changes. so hang on a little bit. you will get there. pinky swear. cross-fingered and everything. well really need to sleep now. like seriously pijun you are like reeaalllyyy need it. tomorrow at 7 am i have a jogging date with bff. not paris hilton btw. with mizah. we are like so damm excited. we practically bought a new shoes for jog. ahah! good step pijun. proud of you. give yourself a little pad on the shoulder:)

footnote: sebenonye aku bru nak stat esk. mmg la berat x tron lnsung. melantak cam org giler minggu ni dgn cabonara, spaghetti, bolognaise plus pizza and on top of that some of my fav sushi from my fav sushi stall :D


epadzz zainal said...

bermkna la cuti ko pijun ;P

faizunnisaqsulman said...

yeah bermakne giler *__*