Thursday, 13 January 2011

kalau nak tahu bacela.

hey people.

i'm typing in the middle of the night. let's talk about my week this week. i know this week has not finish it's days yet. but still. this week is some roller coaster moments for me. well it is simply because the ups and down are far too much this week. people don't know that. and the reason i write it here is for them to know. i'm laughing all the way this week. but some little things here and there really crushed me like hardcore. seriously. there's a moment where i felt like been lifted up in the air but at the same time been crushed hard into the ground. still. people don't know that. poor my roommate for having to lend me. or no. scratch that. for giving me her whole time tonight as i'm ranting all the way. and sometimes it's good to find somebody who understand. so two thumbs up for her. i do not say that i feel sad or troubled throughout the whole week. but more like upset. upset that when i keep thinking how people would not think seriously of me even when i scream for seriousness. upset that i met my bullshit SOB ex boyfriend and i do no effort to slap him in the face. upset when i thought the one that makes my day are actually not mine to grab for takes. and the hardest how i felt lonely despite of the whole crowd. i'm so used to shout for opinion and to yell for respect and i think the people who doesn't deserves it get more than i do. but still. i'm no saint. i'm no angels. i'm human. probably after writing this long people won't actually wanna read this anyways. because i'm nobody. sadly. i'm nobody. people know that. just they doesn't care.

footnote; people don't know how you feel. but there's no need to shout it either. i just realizes it now. the regret later is much worse