Sunday, 16 January 2011

listen and listen well people.

hey. hey. people. as stated in my facebook page. i said i'm done. done apakah. woohoo!! banyak wok. banyak giler. you know what. i'm done being with the ungrateful people. i'm done with people yang nak tunjuk bagus sangat. i'm done with people yang hanye being so freaking self-centred with themselves. i'm done with people who are too. too. too engrossed with their stupid love life. and for that particular kind of person one advice. GET A FREAKING LIFE!! i'm done with people who just give me some freaking smile with dirty look in the eyes. hey ingat kau orang sorang boleh buat macam itu ke? i'm done with lecturers who judge you from the outside appearance rather than their work. seriously people. tell me. how can anybody want to stand in this kind of situation. tell you what. i have but never will again. i had enough fuck up for a year. i'm not saying they cannot do one hella job without me. hey sure they can. they are the best aren't they. maybe thats why they are so freaking self-obsessed with themselves. so. i'm just gonna be me. just being me. hey i'm always being me. but this time i'm more like the bitch side of me. hey people. listen up. if you think you are bitch enough. wait till you see my freaking bitch side. last word to you people. FAKK OFF.

footnote: entri ini hanye pade yg terase. dan pade yg x terase jangan risau sy tetap org yang same terhadap anda tidak sedikit pon berubah. entri ini ditaip ketika marah menguasai diri sedih mempengaruhi emosi. sekian.