Wednesday, 5 January 2011

macam mane ajai dgn nurul buat?

keliru ku bukan keliru~~~ lalalalal. yada.yada.yada. yup. today. hurm. intresting i might say. start off the day becoming the first stage of becoming a teacher. become somekind of buruh kasar. moving on finish the whole mug of my health juice. and up until now i have watch the red warriors aka pemain bola sepak kelantan. get up from my afternoon nap and solat then take off to watch them practice. the fact that i don't even know any of them amuse me. but hey it is still interesting. then get to singing in the rain with arifah and mardhiyah plus zety with her. so called fren. so yeah up until 7.54 pm. my day has been very interesting. so yeay! congrats me!

footnote: keliru yg dimaksudkan ialah kronologi aktiviti hari ini. saye masih konfius ketika menaip entri ini. sekian.