Wednesday, 15 June 2011

ini untuk ayuni noor.

even it is changed. still. you are my roommate forever. between us. i hope there's no 'ex' at the beginning of the word roommate.

love. pijun

this one is for you.

~our theories of stupidity (: ~

when i knocked the door from inside to get out,
you were there.
when i forgot to put the detergent when i wash my clothes,
you were there.
when i confidently dance with silliness,
you were there.
when i fall of the bed early in the morning,
you were there.
when i cry and cry and cry just for that silly love story,
you were there.
when i announced revenge for that silly green helmet owner,
you were there.
when i was feeling so low that nobody understand of its why,
you were there.

you were there for many moments.
you were there for many reasons.
how i wished i wished
time will stop.
for the word bye will not drop.

thank you my roomie
for accepting me

how every hell i brought upon you
always remember,
i always love you.

_special tribute for ayuni noor_

~silliness filled our two years together. but still happy birthday roomie~ ^_^

footnote: haha. terharu x? hehehe. fuh akhirnye siap jugak. my mega project for holidays. haha.

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...yuNi qEmA... said...

siyes terharu yg amat!!!!! waaa!!! tetibe sedih plak ak ase jun, sob3~