Thursday, 29 December 2011

a girl always dream.

there is a girl who has a dream. she dreamt for her life to turns out better. she dreamt that one day she get out from her slump and actually go for the right path. sure on the outside she seem normal like any other people out there but in reality and the fact that she is the only one knows about her promiscuity is killing her inside. yet it did not bring her down. she keep moving forward. she left her foolishness behind. she has this jealousy towards other people where she always saw them having a perfect life and no one really cares about her.

her sole dreams is actually having a husband that understands her inside out. know things about her that even herself is unaware of. remembers every little things about her yet strict and firm with her when the times comes.

everyday she dreamt of taking her husband's hands and kiss it before they off to work. dream of praying together with her husband which at the end of the praying session she will take her husband hand and he will kiss her right on the forehead. every evening recite a few pages of Al-Quran together and later eat dinner together which she prepared herself. every weekend having a date night with the husband and do some couple activities together. not to mention participating in charity events of their choices and be a dedicated philanthropist.

yup that is the girl's dream. but the way she is right now is far from what she need to be to fulfill the dream. however she keep her dream and keep on hoping. a miracle can happen. she believe in order for her to have her dream she need to change. well attempt is been done a few to many. to no avail. she just kept returning. is just like she is beyond help. however each time she failed she picked herself up and try again some other time. well for the time being her dream is just a dream and her life is known to be full of surprises.

for some reason she wished this girl will one day be her daughter

footnote: the girl just represent every girl outside there and the dream is what a girl always dream of.

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Azira Hafiza said...

Errr macam tau ja aku nak letak smile :D Hahaha