Friday, 25 December 2009

men talk!!!!!! gurls fasten ur seatbelts!!!

Okay now let’s talk bout men. Ahah! Jackpot! Gurls r juz freaking crazy when da main subject is all bout men. So... gurls out there wat ur opinion bout men??

I really curious sometimes how we gurls think, when i myself rather confuse with my preferences. Ahahahaha most women wanted the men that they can rely or being good to them. The men must be caring, romantic, ermmm wat else gentlemen and many more that are refering to the perfect guy.

But in reality those are just the words of mouth where it doesn’t really contain any meaning, gurls that wanted all those perfect criteria in a man as their husband i will assure u that u will never get it.

Have u come across when u saw someone’s partner is so perfect and u hope that ur partner will behave just like the one u saw.

How bout a piece of advice?

Trust me u dun want that kind of guy. U are attracted to the original guy u’ve seen before so why do u want to change the guy that u are in love in da first place to the guy that u completely don’t know...

It is a crystal clear fact that we humans will never satisfied. When u here in any commercial add that using catchy lines such crap as “fulfill ur 100% heart desire” it is all 100% bullshit...

Footnote: appreciate what u have and appreciate somebody who appreciate u.

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