Saturday, 17 July 2010

been having class anniversary late Tuesday. yup i realized without a doubt i love my class, i love my classmate, i love my life here, and i might be regretting this in the future but i love him, and i don't want to leave him... seriously. how i hate to admit, i'm beginning to like it here. how resentful i am at first but lately it make me realizes how this place had change me so much. i began to feel like, there's a reason for everything that happen and i haven't had the chance to realizes what it is. mama sorry i might be dissapointing you :( i have thousand reasons to leave here but i have one concrete reason not to leave here. the reason is; i like it here. my life is here, my friends and my education is here. i'm starting to get comfortable here. i'm not saying that i will never regret. maybe as soon as tomorrow i will start to regret but i will never change my decision. i belong here i guess. dear mister, please don't let me be regretful for not leaving you. dear friends please let me be me even how horrible i am as you are the big reason why i'm not leaving. dear myself, bear with you decision as there's no turning back in the future.

dearies clasmate

dearest sugars.

well this fellow is also part of the reason kot. okay no comment bout this fellow:)

footnote: i love you mon amour, dear intan-payung-busuk-bacen-habis-habis friends and i know it now. (epah klu terharu esok pepg plok aku naa) hukhukhuk. dear roomate sesungguhnye aku sgt terharu dgn ko ahahahah <3>


arifah zainal said...

tetibe rase nk sepak je ko sbb masukkan name aku kt blog ko...haha
xdelah gurau...

skarang aku da tau kau sayang aku..
kau sayang paih..oh no..kau sayang anip gak..addeyh..amat pun kau syg ke..
playgirl la kau...haha

aku suggest ko bace la poem the road not taken tu sampai lebam2 mata kau..haha

bye bebeh!!
komen terpnjang ni kot..

faizunnisaqsulman said...

tq syg. (komen pendek jek)