Wednesday, 21 July 2010

dare to be different

as for today i have nothing to rant about or maybe i have too much ranting going on inside my head as i am kinda overwhelmed by the this whole blogging thing. yep i have a little bit of shock where somebody that i am least expected actually follow this blog. i don't care whether that someone actually read it or not but hey i'm pretty sure that whatever i've been babbling or should i say complaining about might be appear on that fellow dashboard. well nothing i can say accept thank you for following. yep suddenly i was thinking why everything that actually going on inside my head i really wanted to actually make it into words and type it all here. since this blogging thing seems to have actually (yup i use a lot of actually today; i know) kinda invade my life, everything seems to well; write-able. i don't know whether i am using the correct term but i'm pretty sure it's not the correct one anyway. yeah what the heck, it's my blog remember. as for the title up there, i am wondering what to write today, whether it should be short and sweet or long and windy like i've been doing quite sometimes now. suddenly popped this short-quote-of-the-day thing and i of course try it. and it told me DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. well camne tuh? should i be wearing green jeans and pink checkered t-shirt with 3d chess character on it. ooo yeah.. that what i'm talking. ahah. but how different should i be. yeah i admit i am just an ordinary girl with ordinary taste but with extraordinary sense of colour. :) but seriously how diiferent should i be. this quote actually confused me. if i want to be different; which part should i change? well i'd say, crap. i am what i am. i am different in my own way. how ordinary i am deep within i'm still different from anybody else. well my parents do not raise me to be the same as everybody else don't they. by the way being the only Javanese in my class makes me different isn't it? *__*as for the rest let me find it slowly while i coast along my walk of life. let me enjoy the moment as i know life is short. you just got to do what you got to do and go on with your life as you will never see tomorrow.

by the way just now i ask octopus paul whether i will marry my current b**f***** and it said no way. should i be worried? well i just don't care :) if it meant to be it meant to be.

yup the part up there where i said about my extraordinary choice of colours. well as you can see this is my favourite bed sheet. and the others are not much different either :) AZIRA do not get any heart attack when you see this *__*

footnote: roomies AYUNI, i've realize that my ranting keep getting longer and longer. don't you think so ARIFAH :)

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