Wednesday, 21 July 2010

babbling and ranting

it's kinda scary when suddenly your life is kinda related to all the song you heard on the radio. it's like everything that happen in your life is actually predictable as if everybody had the same problem as everybody else. but seriously. it is happening to me anyway. it's like when i have any problem or anything in my life and there seems at least one song that actually related to it. it is scary you know. but please.. those song can never depict the real story it just mere significanced of showing that i have problems. that's all but still once again IT IS SCARY PEOPLE. well maybe we just need to just get a grip or what so ever. but the truth is nobody does it. you just pretend you do it until it actually happen. okay i think i got off track already. but hey who cares this is my blog. screw other people. i can actually do or say anything that i want here. its not like i'm actually stating about anything political or whatever. i'm just ranting about my life. just leave if you feel offended. hey at least i'm not saying it straight to your face. i can make you run and cry like hell if i want to anyway. it just that my mom use to teach me the word respect or maybe you never actually care as it never been in your 101 reality check guide book of life. okay now i'm just lost for words. suddenly my off tracks entry this time seems so stupid. but still i don't care. i'm stupid. if i'm so genius i'm not here right now. maybe i have been sitting with all those big shot people whose still wondering whether toilet paper can be recycled or not. i say recycle. yep the smell may be bad but the earth that we care roght now. okay i'm off track again. realtiy check faizun. by the way ARIFAH if you had the chance of reading this till the end, feel free to curse or whatsoever cause i'm actually cursing by myself right now.

footnote: yup i know it's a long entry and i don't expect it to be read from the beggining till the end either. feel free to comment of you want to :)


arifah zainal said...

gile betol...haha :P
ko merepeak pe ni jun..
kenapakah aku bace smpai habis..?
tibe2 ade name aku pulak..

faizunnisaqsulman said...

gileee you i sajee letak you