Monday, 26 July 2010

this gonna be soooo long

okay give other words for sad. painful. devastated. i honestly dunno. okay for a start i had a big freaking massive fight wit my tukang serabut kepale. so and for whatever reason dear god gave me, my fate is kinda contagious to my dearest babe also. well she is in the same state as i am now too so let it rest for now. as stated up there, yeah this gonna be so long as i have been let see quite a few days been resting from this blogging thing where i have so much to say yet nothing to talk about. yeah i know it quite confusing but who cares, in fact nobody cares. yeah first thing first let me let off some steam to mr you-know-who. okay now. START. hey you, you know what i'm sick and tired of being push around like your slave or something, fyi i'm not your doormate. duh. seriously, i hate it so freaking much when you are like actually kinda use me like hell. errr sorry if you do not feel that way but i surely am. yeah mister, i suspected you of using me. if you think that you don't understand what the hell am i writing right now, go find the freaking dictionary for god sake. seriously i don't need a companion where it is a burden to me and so you people out there. i'm a normal girl who need somebody to take care of me and not the opposite you dumb***. if i am in a relationship where i have to depend on myself and be depended by some else, i'd be better off without it. i do not want any liability in my life. i'm freaking young right now and do not need the extra resposibility to take care of a 20 years old long grown BOY. what i need is a man. so please, i'm asking you to MAN UP. duh. and everytime you're in somekind of trouble, i'm the one who actually help you get out from it. and when it is my times you are like do not have any single care cell in your body at all. thank you very much for that yeah i'd have appreciated it so much. and now what? should i end it here or give you another chance. what? what should i do? urghh i'm seriously in blur state right now. now habes pasal that headloom. start dgn bende len plak. it's like today i almost mengamuk like very almost giler when our plan of watching hindustan been canceled. so aku cam nk ckp 'weh pehal plak kan' but still i just keep my mouth shut and do my thang by sleeping and stuff or else i will be explode and i do not want that to happen at this point as my life is really a mess right now. and guess what, mmg x jd wat pon and still no movies. bout you know what i just do not want to care anymore. its like ' lantak ko lah'. and now about money.. okay mama dah xkn bg duit lg dah and my money is not just like run out or what but mmg habes dah habes dah habes. so i'm officially broke. i need money like i need air to breath okay. money is everything. enough bout money which i already and certainly know that it still will not goin to fly right in my pocket anyway.

actually this entry is supposed to be my whole experienced on how tok selehor and those stuff but with recent issue arises from nowhere and it REALLY piss me off like hell so i was like kinda KIV a little untill today which i'm still piss off. but the degree had been down below par. so it's actually kinda okay. so no story i guess, its not like i've been there a week or something. hurmm it's okayla.. not much to tell anyway. just view the pic and figure out for yourself

yup she's my dearest roomies. there she is now.. hey ayuni noor you're making your big debut in my blog... <3 style="display: block; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 400px; height: 300px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5498254615771951922" border="0">

this like my group hard work lah kan.. kire nice..

okay as much i hate to admit it dis is my so-called 'kakak angkat'.

okay now i'm starting to feel that this entry ain't long at all. it just full of craps. ahahaha but still who cares. it's my blog anyway. btw ARIFAH. nice blog layout. ermm very.. should i say.. YOU. its very you.

footnote: head crush from typing right now. ;P

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