Tuesday, 27 July 2010

annoying annoyed

i'm seriously annoyed today. i'm annoyed of my friends. i'm annoyed of my class. i'm annoyed of my the food in the cafe. i'm annoyed by the fact that i do not have enough money right now. i'm annoyed that my mister you-know-who is actually annoying me right now. i'm annoyed when only you are the one that work so hard but other people get all the attention for doing nothing just because you are not preity ar 'anggun' enough. i'm annoyed by the lecturer who actually evaluate his student more to their face then their effort. i'm annoyed when until now i've been neglected by my own mr you-know-who. i'm anooyed by my assignment that give damm shit to my life. i'm annoyed by someone who actually think nothing of me no matter what i do. i'm annoyed by myself who cannot keep serious about being mad when i'm suppose to. i'm annoyed when people you know can buy anything they want because their parents are like endless money maker who give all their money to their children and my parents are totally not like that. i'm annoyed by someone who have the priviledge in life of choosing the guy she wanted and not stuck to the guy she hate like in my condition but still ungrateful for that. i'm annoyed by someone who have a strong relationship yet do not know how to preseve things and spoiled it only small things. i'm annoyed by the gays at my place. hey if you want to be gay, do not be a teacher you freaking moron. i'm annoyed someone who when i'm not in good mood and do not give a damm care about me at all and they do not know the reason which is them. i'm annoyed by my laziness also. urghh i'm so freaking annoyed right now!!!