Wednesday, 28 July 2010

waka waka faizun nisaq sulman

today is a new day people. when i woke up this morning i suddenly realizes all the ranting that i have been writing before is not good for me. in fact it making me more annoyed than ever. so right now rather than getting annoyed, i choose to let it go. and do not care a thing that i consider trifle. so the beginning of a new day which means not the new me but the old me who come back and accept me back. it kinda like and old friend whom i left for a very long time come back to me and ready to accept me back. so as for today. i don't care if my friends annoy me, i don't care if mr you-know-who annoys me, i don't care if my class annoys me, i don't care if my lecturer annoy me, i don't care if someday this feeling will slowly vanish from me and the feeling that i'm leaving right now come back to me, i don't care if actually my whole life annoys me. well it's my life baby. if my dearest AL-MIGHTY wants it to be full of annoynment, let it be all i care. i just want to live the life. follow the flow and coast along my own walk of life to find the real and better me somewhere in between family, friends, life partner , enemy and most importantly myself :)

footnote: forgive and forget is not in my dictionary but let me ask for anybody forgiveness if my entries down below hurt any part of your precious body.