Saturday, 7 August 2010

great not even the word for it ;)

i'm in a very melancholy mood this very early morning. finished reading up a book that i think should be read by everybody especially teachers. i was too overwhelmed by this book until i cried few times while reading it. too emotional i guess and this book managed to get through my soft spot :) well guys this book is just tremendous success in changing my opinion about my life i guess. i didn't say i'm a changed person once i read the book, i'm just saying it open my eyes sebesar-besarnye into prospect of life. nice. nicely done. a good addition to my young life. it might be a very good foundation for me in latter life i guess. a lot of 'i guess' is used this morning in this entry as everything still haven't reach its confirmation yet. we could never guess what will happen later in life :)

this is the book guys. read it. learn from it. apply it for the rest of your life

footnote: better put some tissue near you while reading this. well you might get teary along the way :)

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