Friday, 6 August 2010

roller coaster ?? hell yeah!!

hye there. its been a few days i guess :) yup since those depressing last entry i think i've been trying to sort some things out from this small box of mine yet still there are too much things to be clear and i'm still trying. this week has been a roller-coaster week i guess. yup from basketball grill to bowling alley. from hours in smelly clinic to get high up adrenaline in kb mall from a whole day class to having dinner in jerteh. dgn ponteng religious programe and g dating yup a little bit of naughtyness there. but yeah crazzaay people. it's fun though :p plus did not attending teacher's day celebration which i will be one of them T__T but still it is not that bad. i'm not the squeky clean type of girl anyway.