Tuesday, 28 September 2010

my war, my fight

when i heard my roommate said something goes like this "xpe K**** xde aku kn ade". huhuhuh seriously i'm touched. dear roomies thanks... when i read my sister's komen "xpe dek. klu rse x seswai tgglkan aje.. nnti da kawen no turning back da" aku rse my sis got a point.. when my dearest cousin said she don't like my current mister. i hate her for that but at the same time she made me realizes is he a good guy for me. so right now, i trying to get rid of the present and slowly try to search for the future. i'm in a war. a war within myself. a war that will never be ended in a short period of time. so let the war begins. even though i have no spartan warriors beside me. even though i have no special weapon with me. even though i have no special plan with me. but the war between my feeling and you mister shall begin. and there no turning back for me. the decision had been made. only the results will come out sooner or later. for those who take me as friends. pray for me. support me in this war. cheer for me and not grieved with me once it ended.

footnote: hesitant is still here but determination is getting stronger.

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