Thursday, 28 October 2010

of selipar toilet, a watch and one saloma.

dinner block. hurm what can i say. series of event keep befall onto me along the coast of the night. almost wearing my favourote of all time selipar toilet to the dinner. wearing my watches upside down and only realizes it when the event is almost ended. back at the hostel finally my selipar toilet reach its final death by putos like in front of everybody in the. well ermm toilet. selipar toilet want to die in toilet juge ye. well that's it then about my night. nothing much. and oh yeah. my dear roomate won another lucky draw. again. take note. again. which makes me so like ok-yuni-mng-luckydraw-and-aku-putos selipar mood lah kan. all i can say enjoy the pic peeps.

ye. tudung biru itu roomate sy. ye. beliau mmg drama. ye beliau mmg cmtu.

btw. this is the saloma of the night. don't ask me why

footnote: i look hot. selipar putos. conclusion. bli selipar bru and i look hot.

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