Monday, 25 October 2010

hence the word maturity is not in my dictionary yet

i'm a brat when i feel sleepy. i'm a brat when i feel hungry. i'm a brat when everything is not according to what i planned. i'm a brat when i was forced to do something that i'm not that crazy about. but that doesn't mean i'm a fool. thinking hard about something that i do not wish to ponder is not something i really fancied about. but still. a little sense of responsibility is somewhere here within me. but for a person who consider herself a brat. when it comes to be responsible. i think i should be applauded. but yeah. people won't do the honor anyway. whatever it is. yes. i know maturity haven't comes to me and say hi yet. but somewhere in the future. it will. i try to invite him in. i try to persuade it to come to me. i will try. i promise.

footnote: if you consider yourself matured enough at this moment. it precisely showed that you are not mature :)

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