Sunday, 24 October 2010

sukakah sy belajar?

sy x suka belajar. sy rase belajar ini memeningkan kepala. tp kawan-kawan sy sumer nye balajar. mengapakah? tidak peningkah kepala mereka. yup everybody been studying like hell as if exam are the last thing they need to do before they die. but why am i different. i hate study group. i hate study with many people around me. don't take me wrong here people. its not that i'm being snobbish or bajet bagus here. i just don;t like it. there nothing wrong with it i suppose. i hate to here many people talking about what they know and agreeing with each other which will go something like this "haaa" or "klu ni cmne, klu tu cmne?" urghh i totally hate it. because i don't know what to ask. i don't know when to interupt with what i have. i don't know how to explain to them either. it not like i've never tried before. and it end up to be a disaster. either a disaster for them or for me. either one. that is why i totally hate. call berlagak. call me bajet pandai. call me pemalas. or even some people say "alarh ko xyah study. ko da pandai" okay yg tuh sgt SENTAP it is actually a metaphor for you are lazy. when it comes to study it turns out i hate everybody including myself. always questioning myself why am i so different? yet no anwer. it just the way i am.

footnote: let follow the only way i'm familiat with and please stop showing off your so called information in my face. can you please just BACK OFF.

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