Wednesday, 8 December 2010


being adult is hard. how do you know you are being an adult. when you are stuck with two little devil and a baby in a house you cant help but feeling like an adult. am i growing up. maybe is the correct answer right i guess. or should i say. hell yeah i am growing up. it doesn't seems right though. but i'm trying. i'm trying my very best to be good at what i'm suppose to do right now. so i was chatting with my dearest roomie today and she was asking am i ready to back to new city. and my answer is hell yeah. i'm so so so ready as i was very stressed out at that time but after spending some time with my bestie just now and having a lot of fun buying new jeans and all. my mood is slowly getting better. well shopping is the best therapy i guess XD. so that's it then. enough said.

footnote: pijun sulman is thinking of doing something but is dunno whether she need to do it or not.