Sunday, 12 December 2010


heya people.

yup been busy lately. well the sudden condition of having three children without even going through the process of having the children making me become too exhausted to even get up in the morning. sometimes i just wished that they will wake up in the morning and be a good kid by just sitting around the tv quietly wihout fighting and just doing their thing without destroying other stuff other than theirs. yup people. can you imagine what i've been through. well maybe some of you can and some just can't. if you think that 1 year old or 4 year old kids or even 1 moth old baby is just some cute pretty little thing with their innocent smile and joyful laughter. well you are WRONG. seriuosly you are wrong. completely wrong. they are more than that. for those who haven't realizes it. no worry no fears. you will realizes it someday. maybe not today. maybe not tomorrow. but someday. as for me i've been lucky to know it earlier. way too earlier *__*

oh yeah. as for the title. hurm. seriously i know nothing about this thing. all i know that i got and IM from arifah zainal saying that she wanted to put this blog in it. and i expect it is somekind of games or what not. but suddenly i realizes that i think the ELS is referred to english language society which made me feel somekind of honoured (?) should i (?) well people will say 'ade mak kisah' like my older sister use to say to me. yeah that reminds me. my second sister who currently are staying here with me because of her delivery holiday she like to use terms that is usually been use by she-man. that kinda freaks me out. or maybe she just bored. lets just think it that way shall we. ok back to the ELS thingy. ho yeah. what i'm trying to say here. i'm honored. yup that's it. you probably think ape minah ni merepek sampai berjela kain langsir just to that SHE IS HONORED. just to say that. hehehe. i say. ade mak kisah(?)

footnote: sorry entri kali ni panjang bebeno kerane sudah sangat lame sy tidak menghapdetnye. :D