Sunday, 6 February 2011

chumeyl nyeww.. chumeyl kew..

helo people.

let's talk about cute. cute. comel. chomey. comey. chumeyl. yeah whatever you spelled it. still. different people has different opinion on the level of cuteness. just now. when i watch 'how i met you mother' barney always use this one animal to attract his woman. he is using 'teacup pig' when he shows that animal. everybody will go 'aahhhhhh' just like when you see a very. very. very cute baby sneezes. :) well. i'm clearly a muslim. to me pig is not. never. will never. ever. be cute. but upon seeing this one.i think it is not that bad. but my roomate is otherwise. aahhaha.. but still it is up to you to decide right :)

the teacup pig. look. look. how adorable. 'ahhhhh'. *__* pfffftt(!)

footnote: bile pemilik blog taip 'teacup pig wrap in a blanket' dan gambar ini yang mulemule keluar.

dan for the record pemilik blog sudah boring dan how i met your mother is like the best comedy shows ever :)