Thursday, 10 February 2011

crappy feelings inside.

heya people.

i'm just telling you. i'm not good with words. oh yeah. i see a smirk somewhere. but yes. i'm not good with words. to be more specific. i'm not good with sad words. and to be honest. this year. i haven't been really happy. i mean. really happy. but hey. how do we measure happy right. yeah. well. let break it down. hurm being miserable is not happy. being suspicious all the time is not happy. been running away. hiding all the time is not happy. so yeah. all in all. i'm not happy. people seen me laugh all the way to the end. but do they really knows. only god knows. but still. a girl got to do what a girl got to do. be strong. keep bitching. and sit back and enjoy the show of life.

footnote: to the friends who knew i'm just dealing with it in my own way. so if there any support you gave to me. i say thank you. for those who knew but doesn't care. much more thank you to you for give me one hella lesson. so thanks people. thanks.