Thursday, 10 February 2011

harsh judgement.

people. peeps. and beautiful human kind.


been watching miley cyrus for awhile tonight. well. should i say. it above beyond my expectatios. well come on. this is miley cyrus who we are talkinh here. the girl with big teeth yet still smiling so brightly. but the last song really wonders me. two thumbs up for the storyline. yup when a story managed to make me cry on few bad days. or maybe few good days too. it is something worth to give it a try. yep. i am a harsh judge towards life and towards everything that lay upon me. so when i say it's good. well. you can try to feel how good it is. so. yes the movie let my tears jogging through my face. and we leave it at that. but hey. all in all. a good movie to watch and a good reasons to call your father afterwards which i never do. because. yeah. because. well. lets just say. i'm me. and period. so enjoy the movie. make sure you prepare a box of kleenex right beside you. let called it protection shall we :)

footnote:being sad is bad but do nothing about it. is pathetic. sekian.