Monday, 14 February 2011

the confusion of V ness

salam poeople.

today is february 14th. well. people all over the world will definitely celebrating valentines day. but not me. tomorrow is just another monday. but still. for people out there who believe in celebrating it. all i can say happy valentines day.

now. the real part. like i said earlier. i only wished happy valentines towards people who actually believes it. yeah. i'm not one pf the believers nor i attend to be on the future. well. people might ask why. why. why? hurm. let me guess. duh. i'm a muslim. even not a very perfect one. but i'll try to accomplished the little things correctly. yup i read a lot about the promiscuousness of valentines day but seriously people. for muslim. even bercinte tanpe ikatan yang sah pon haram kan. kan. kan. all i'm tring to convey here to you people is that. have a better judgement. if god only provide us only one day to show some love no wonder the are a lot of those filthy wars out there. if people can just consider everyday is valentine day. maybe. i said maybe. the world can be a better place. hey. i'm just saying (:

footnote: am still not a believer or the celebrater. ahahaha