Thursday, 24 March 2011

jawab jugak

ini jawab untuk tommy martopo. bukan faizun sulman.

1. explain your current relationship status together with the picture

engaged. haha.

so in love. love love. haha beselah tommy martopo mmg tgh angau sekarang.

2. how long you have been on your status now?

erm bile ye besan ku arifah. hampir sebulan tommy menjadi tunangan.

3. who is she/he?

oh nikita angelo .love. (ni tommy tyoe ni)

4. your dream with him/her? together with picture also

sile tgk gmbr dibawah.

hikhikhik. tommy dah ready da. haha

5. tag 7 persons that you think gojes and hottest.


footnote: knape mesti letak gmbr anyways. hadoii. arifah bace ye.