Wednesday, 8 February 2012

lucky lah you


some people are just born to be lucky. they have great face, great brain, great wealth and even has great friends. yup they are lucky. so how about the people who watch them from the sidewalk. what do they think? what do they feel?

"they are so damm lucky" yup thats what they think and feel.

to be honest i'm one of the people who can be considered 'unlucky' well let's face it. i fell from everywhere like everyday, my car broke down like every three days, my money gone like in a second by only buying things i needed, and of course the best of all i don't have the so called soul mate who i can scream at when i'm sad or i can be lovey dovey with when i'm happy. still this is life. that is what God has instores for me and i have two choices.

1. try to live for another three days just to settle everything and commit suicide by jumping off from the tallest building in your area. or..
2. try to live happily cheerfully gleefully and grab whatever positive vibe you can find just so you can live in this thing called world.

so what if you don't have a nice face. i bet you have a nice heart. so what you are not that smart i bet you are a very good cook or a very patient fellow. so what if you don't have the balance of a ballerina or the stamina of an olympic athletes i bet you can laugh at about anything which require good lung capacity. so what if you car broke down every three days, at least you have a car rather than people who need to walk to go places they need to go.

you see. i'll always believe God is Fair. Allah is fair. sure there are times where i blame my fate but where that got me? nowhere. instead i'll get mad for like few hours by myself take a nap. get up and start anew. that how i live my life.

let the lucky bitch live their life their world. we can also have fun in our misfits world. for all it worth it teaches us how to be independent and strong.

footnote: just to comfort myself. being ordinary has its benefits :)


ayanuts said...

walaupun awk ni biasa2 je tp hakikatnya awk ni sgt luar biasa :)

faizunnisaqsulman said...

salam. hai. erm thank you. hehe. xdela.. pendapat yang baik kite kongsi. yang x baik kite simpn dlm hati sudah haha.. sekali lg tq so much..