Tuesday, 21 February 2012

oh dear haters


recently i got a very touching comment from somebody who kind enough to read my blabbering in this humble blog. thank you to you whoever you are. you are awesome..

however despite sweet comment like that being surrounded by hater all your life is like a must in this world alam dunia ini. haha.

well people what to do. even with a simple smile people can feel dissatisfied with us. so what to do? lauch a war with them? ignore it or simply face them have heads on. well all of it is not a bad idea. but what i simply choose to do is do not hate them. do not hate the people who hate you. instead pitied them. why should you? am i right?

well prejudice is just ignorant. when people hate you for no reason is simply of two things. they envied you or they just don't know the real you. however if that particular person do hate you for some reason find that out. well for the goodness of human being of course.

so for haters out there for hate me. ask yourself do you really know me to hate me or simply heard rumours about me from people who also did not know me. so yeah be smart don' t be ignorant. as ignorant people are just damn lazy.

footnote: yup hater do hate me but likers do they really like me?


Azira Hafiza said...

Hey. I will always love you. Since asasi lg. Hahaha.

yang arif said...

walaupun awak nmpk biasa, tp awak luar biasay sebenanye =P

faizunnisaqsulman said...

zigha: hahaha me too babe..

yang arif: hukhukhuk terharuuuu