Saturday, 25 February 2012

untuk orang cantik cantik aje..

*this entry is been created by theDumbtheDumber&theDumbest corporation.

**please given me no hard feelings after reading this entry.


1. they always get everything they want.

2. people always gives in with them.

3. they think everybody should follow what they say.

4. everybody somehow always follow what they say.

5. they are always born selfish. or created themselves to be selfish.

6. people pampered them way too much.

7. kill them all... haha (by theDumb)

8. boy always stick to them like somekind of magnet causing them to think they ruled the world (it can be vice versa)

9. boys is stupid (by theDumber)

10. yup!! even dumber than the dumbest but God does not love them coz they are too stupid (feedback reasons no.9 by theDumbest)

11. they always think they are right.

12. they think that their beauty can save them all the time. what if one day somebody splash acid to them. they will be ugly forever and nothing will help them to live because they cannot bear the ugliness (the true feeling of theDumb)

- err we have plastic surgery nowadays (comment theDumbest which further the comment by asking whether theDumb is the dumbest)

- they will die before they do the plastic surgery because they cannot bear the ugliness even for a moment (theDumb reply)


pretty people = selfish
selfish = all the fish die
pretty people = die.

boys dumber than the dumbest

as i said this is done by theDumbtheDumber&theDumbest corporation. so if any of you read it and think its silly than treat it as a form of entertainment. but if any of you read it carefully and look around you or even to youself. believe me some of the reasons is true. so for people who realizes please don't judge a person by appearance. hey. pretty people is not somebody who controls the world. thay are the one who ruining it by thinking they are controlling it.

footnote; yup i hate pretty people and it will never change. especially girls. muahahahaha

whatever.. lay off haters.


yang arif said...

as i said before,
we should consider point number 7..

pls hard feeling owkayh!

p/s:i salute pretty ppl who do not realize dat they are pretty


faizunnisaqsulman said...

OMG theDumb is exposing his identity.. hahaha